HomelatestHoroscope | 20.05.2023. DAILY FORECASTS.. Mental pains and disputes for those zodiac...

Horoscope | 20.05.2023. DAILY FORECASTS.. Mental pains and disputes for those zodiac signs

DATE : 20.05.2023 (Moon transits Taurus .) NATAL SIGNS & TRANSITORY EFFECTS

Aries : (MOON transits Second (U).) May likely feel tense and fear with some minor losses, profession issues.

Taurus : (MOON transits First (F).) Favorable events will occur in the financial, home and domestic fronts.

Gemini: (MOON transits Twelfth (U).) Unexpected expenses likely to be met with some professional and business issues.

Cancer : (MOON transits Eleventh(F).) Gainful events can be expected in the professional and business areas.

Leo : (MOON transits Tenth (F).) Brings notable success in the financial, professional, family and health areas.

Virgo : (MOON transits Ninth (U).) May likely feel tense and sad with some minor losses and issues.

Libra : (MOON transits Eighth (U).) Minor health issues with some financial losses, professional issues.

Scorpio :(MOON transits Seventh (F).) Can expect betterment in the financial, professional, health and family areas.

Sagittarius : (MOON transits Sixth (F).) Brings success in the health, financial, professional and business areas.

Capricorn : (MOON transits Fifth (U).) May likely feel mental tension with some losses, domestic issues.

Aquarius : (MOON transits Fourth (U).) May likely to have disputes and rivalry with some losses, professional issues.

Pisces : (MOON transits Third (F).) Favorable events will occur in the financial, profession and family fronts.

NOTE: As the MOON continuously orbit the earth, its transitory influence may change at any point of time in the day. Hence, changed influence are indicated with its time. Whether the influences are favourable (F) or not favourable (U) are also mentioned. For Horoscopes with Scientific predictions, Annual Fore-casts, Personalized Astro Software – by which you can see your future yourself FOR LIFE.


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